What Can Your Chiropractor Do For Arthritis

Arthritis is a very painful condition. At its best, Arthritis can cause constant pain. At its worst, Arthritis can make simple things difficult to do. Many people do not know that their chiropractor can give them great relief. But first, you need to know what kind of Arthritis you have. There are many types of Arthritis that you may suffer:

  • Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. This is the most common kind of Arthritis. This arthritis is typically caused by repetitive force to your joints and is most common as you age. In this kind of Arthritis, the joint gets gets out of alignment and wears down the cartilage. poor nutrition, not enough blood supply and poor nerves are additional factors.
  • Septic Arthritis can be either bacterial or viral. Both types of septic arthritis generally start with joint infections..
  • Gouty Arthritis is caused by uric acid crystals getting put in the joint which causes inflammation. This type of arthritis is a metabolic condition and can be a more uncommon type called pseudogout. Pseudogout is characterized by painful swelling of your joints coming on suddenly. Episodes of Pseudogout can last for days or even weeks.

How a Chiropractor can help

Most types of Arthritis and particularly osteoarthritis can be helped by chiropractic treatments. In addition to realigning your joints, your chiropractor will be able to find anything in your diet that is an inflammatory food that will make your Arthritis worse.  Ask your chiropractor which nutritional supplements they recommend to bring down inflammation. You can also ask for exercises that can strengthen the muscles supporting your joints.

While anti-inflammatory medication is often given to treat Osteoarthritis, it has been shown to slow the rate that your cartilage heals.  Additionally, using anti-inflammatory medicine a lot can damage the lining of your stomach. Instead of using medications that can be counter productive or damage your body, you should look for alternatives. Back pain doctors specialize in relieving joint pain without the use of damaging medications.


Chiropractic treatments such as rapid release techniques, which reduce adhesions in your muscles around your joints in addition to regular exercise and dietary changes will bring down your need to take anti-inflammatory medication. This will make it easier to move, you’ll have less pain and a higher quality of life. With consistent treatment, many patients have stopped taking medicine for Arthritis.

Autoimmune Arthritis

Besides Osteoarthritis, there are many forms of autoimmune arthtritis. While your chiropractor is still helpful for autoimmune types of arthritis like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, or Psoriatic Arthritis there is no cure. Medication is needed to control these types of arthritis. While your bones and joints will continue to deteriorate without medication, ask your doctor for medications that are gentler on your stomach lining.

Most people have some of Arthritis. This is particularly true after 40 years of age. Arthritis becomes the most obvious through the use of x-rays. Left untreated and allowed to develop Arthritis can become debilitating. If you think you may have Arthritis, or are feeling joint pains, The Relax Holistic Healthcare team is here to help.