Three Holistic Treatments That Will Help You Sleep Easier

Even though sleep deprivation is viewed as a benign problem in America, it can lead to a severe decline in your mental and physical state as you age. According to a study by Neuroscientist Adrian Owen, people who sleep less than four hours perform duties as if they were almost nine years older. Increasing your sleeping hours can reduce that consequence, however, that extra shut eye time often doesn’t come easy for some people. Instead of forcing your eyes to close or taking vasts amount of sleeping medication, we wanted to provide some alternative holistic treatments that can maximize your sleep and overall health.

Los Angeles Massage Therapy Specialists

  • Massage Therapy

The soothing muscle contractions and neurotransmitter stimulation during massages increases muscle relaxation and your brain’s ability to sleep quicker. The type of massage treatments that are the most affective are deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial relief, and craniosacral.

treat tension headaches with acupuncture at Relax Holistic

  • Acupuncture

Sterile needles precisely placed by a qualified acupuncturist can stimulate blood flow and reduce stress. Many studies have shown that properly executed acupuncture treatments can actually help those who suffer from sleep apnea.

Los Angeles Chiropractor for back pain

  • Chiropractor

Trigger point chiropractic treatments helps align the spine, which is responsible for a lot of the peoples mind and body stress levels. Having correct spine curvature can reduce chronic back pain and help you have an easier rest.

You can receive all of these treatments and more at Relax Holistic. It’s conveniently located in West Hollywood, Marina del Rey, and Culver City.